Stories from Simply Hand Made

A story from Jane Braddock, vendor and volunteer.

Last Friday, Dave & I were getting ready to leave on a weekend trip to Indiana, taking my Mom to visit my brother. It was pouring rain, & though I was feeling bad for not being able to work at the shop, I wondered if anyone would stop in anyway. Then the phone rang. It was Seton, the manager of the Salt Creek Cafe, saying he had just talked to a woman there from out of town who was disappointed when she found the shop closed, & asked if he knew anyone who could help.

This is Fredericksburg at it’s best, and why folks from near and far love this place. We finished packing the car, hopped in, and drove to the shop. Mom waited with Dave in the car, while I waited on a nice woman from Ragersville and her granddaughter, who was still sipping the hot chocolate she hadn’t had time to finish at the Cafe. Grandma went on & on about how much she loves Simply Hand Made, how she tells people about it all the time. She purchased lip balm for herself and a friend, and a cute little Boston Terrier pipe cleaner dog for her granddaughter.

On our way to Indiana, I had time to sit and think about all of this. The library, here after 21 years, is truly a living miracle, here because so many people have given their time, talents, energy, resources, believing in the importance of a library in this community. Simply Hand Made is an extension of the miracle, supporting the work of amazing artists and the work of the library, while preserving the one-of-a-kind jail building. All of this is only possible because of the people who believe in making a difference right where they are, who see how both places enrich the life of our community, then give their time as volunteers. Incredible.

Thank you so much, volunteers, vendors, and friends of Simply Hand Made, for believing in this place, for giving so much to make it all possible, and for making Fredericksburg a wonderful place to be!